Choosing Glass Screens for Your Shower

If you're installing a glass shower in your bathroom, you will need to choose a type of glass. Here are some possibilities that may suit you.

Tempered Safety Glass

Australian standards specify the kinds of safety glass that must be used for showers, so this is not something that is open to choice. A shower must be built with class A safety glass, which includes tempered glass. These shower screens are much tougher than everyday glass, and they're unlikely to break. In any case, tempered screens are designed to crumble into harmless, small pieces without sharp edges.

Regulations also govern how thick the shower panel must be. In a fully framed shower, the glass can be thinner than in a frameless design that isn't edged with supporting metal. Your installer can advise you on which product is appropriate.

Clear Glass

While the use of safety glass is mandatory, you have other alternatives in shower screens. For example, you can opt for crystal-clear glass without a green haze. This green cast, common in many kinds of glass, arises from the iron content. Clear glass will form safe, toughened screens, but they will be more transparent as they contain less iron.

Easy-to-clean Glass

Another choice that you will come across when researching showers is glass that is covered with an invisible film to prevent scum buildup. These screens, which go by different product names, will look shinier with less upkeep.

Another tip for a low-maintenance shower is to opt for a frameless design. That way, there won't be as many edges and crevices that you need to wipe over to prevent mould.

Frosted Glass

You can also choose decorative glass screens. One possibility is frosted glass, which delivers more privacy in the shower. The frosted look can be achieved with methods such as sandblasting and acid etching, both of which let you choose the level of opaqueness. Frosted panels create a sleek and minimal look, but as they conceal the shower to some degree, they don't give the same spacious impression as transparent screens.

As well as smooth satin frosting, you can get decorative frosted designs. These can be geometric, forming lines or circles. Other designs are abstract and random. An alternate decorative option if you want bespoke shower glass is patterned glass, which is moulded into forms during manufacture. The patterned glass can be toned with colour pigments as well to create different effects.