Using Frameless Glass Around Your Home For Added Style and Function

Frameless glass is a great choice of material for any home, for some added style and function in many rooms and spaces, both indoors and out. A glass contractor can usually cut frameless glass to just about any size, so you can have frameless glass panels that work as doors, separators and room dividers and so much more. Frameless windows are also very attractive and let in lots of light and don't interrupt your view to the outside of the home. Note a few ways you might use frameless glass around your home for added style and function and why this material and these types of panels and windows can be so useful.

Family room and dining area

Many homes today are made with a great room, or one large room that extends from an open kitchen and dining area, to the family room or living room. This can be very distracting for families that are on different schedules, as someone watching television may be a nuisance to someone in the dining area. Frameless glass panels can add separation between these areas and offer some sound insulation, without cutting off that space and making the area seem boxy and closed-in. You might add one panel on each side of the room, keeping the middle space open for foot traffic, or use folding panels across the entire wall so that you can close them up completely when needed.

Wall of windows

If your home has a long hallway or wall that always seem dark and drab, you might opt for frameless glass windows to be installed. Stationary windows that don't actually open can be a good choice for any space, since they don't have hinges and other hardware that need regular maintenance, and the frame won't get in the way of your view. A long and narrow frameless window in a hallway can keep it bright and welcoming, or you might have a long, frameless window installed behind the kitchen sink and stovetop for a bright look in that space as well.

Outdoor area

Glass panels can be used where you want to create some separation in your outdoor space. For example, if you have a seating area near some of your favourite landscaping features, you might add frameless glass panels for sound insulation and to cut down on wind. If your yard has an elevated deck, you might add frameless glass panels around that deck for safety, as the glass won't block your view of the yard or the horizon.