Which Type Of Window Glass Should You Choose For Your Sunroom?

If you are looking to construct a sunroom in your home, the primary consideration to have would be what type of glass to use. Some people may gravitate toward annealed glass since this is the most affordable adoption in the market, but you have to bear in mind there are not many advantages it would provide you with. Other than filtering light into your sunroom, your choice of glass should be able to offer you various benefits such as UV resistance, thermal efficiency and more. So which type of window glass should you choose for your sunroom?

Gas-filled window glass

If you are concerned that your sunroom would decrease the energy efficiency of your home due to all the windows it has, you may want to opt for gas-filled glass. This type of glass has a layer of inert glass inside it that functions to prevent thermal loss from the room. Thus, you can be assured that your heating costs will not increase, particularly during the winter when the ambient temperatures are extremely low. Investing in gas-filled windows also provides you with frost resistance as the cold air will not penetrate the lower parts of the windows. Lastly, gas-filled glass inadvertently provides your sunroom with noise proofing as the gas also acts as sound insulation.

Insulated window glass

Another option that you could consider to enhance the energy efficiency of your sunroom is insulated glass. Unlike their gas-filled counterparts, the insulated glass comprises double or triple layers of glass that have been adhered together. Insulated glass is efficient all year round as it functions to prevent both thermal loss and thermal gain. Therefore, you can be assured the sunroom will be comfortable all year round. Insulated glass is also known for its high impact resistance, making it ideal for people who may have children and would like to decrease the chances of the glass breaking due to the boisterousness of their kids.

Low emissivity window glass

Most parts of Australia experience sunny weather for a majority of the year. Although the constant sunshine is perfect for a sunroom, you should be concerned about direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation. To keep your furnishings protected from fading while also ensuring you are not at risk of skin cancer, you could consider installing low emissivity glass. These types of windows are coated with a specialised film that works to reflect the infrared light from the sun while allowing the visible light to penetrate your sunroom. Moreover, your low emissivity windows will block out the radiant heat, without decreasing the amount of illumination received.