Statement-Making Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Should Consider Before Your Friends Do!

Bathrooms have a bizarre way of being judged, especially by your friends and the guests you invite into your home. Maybe it's because they get to linger alone in there and contemplate your personal style.

If you have a group of friends you are always looking to impress, your bathroom is one of the first rooms you need to look into. And what better spot to start with than the one that gets the most attention – your bathroom mirror!

Why settle for basic mirrors when the alternatives are so beautiful and will get your friends talking? Here are plenty statement-making mirror ideas that can make your bathroom the fairest of all.

Double your mirrors

It takes two to create a look that's twice as stunning. Why settle for one large mirror when you can duplicate the style for two?

Double mirrors aren't just for his and hers setups. You can use multiple mirrors over a long single sink vanity as well.

Break the rules to mix and match your mirrors

Who said you must have one rectangular mirror above the sink? If your sink is in the centre of your bathroom, a gallery of mirrors above it can be the new normal.

Gather and hang different mirror sizes or styles in a way that they complement each other to create an eclectic look. Make sure you keep all your mirrors on the same wall to avoid the 'funhouse effect.'

Stand out from the crowd

Get inspired by vintage bathroom mirrors since they offer interesting shapes and intricate designs that you can duplicate for your bathroom.

Nothing makes a statement in a bathroom and makes you stand out more than adding a mirror that has an unconventional shape.

Go from the floor all the way up to the ceiling

Just think about it; a bathroom mirror that spreads from the bathroom floor to the ceiling. Its chic, sophisticated and gets you more than just a reflective surface.

A floor to ceiling bathroom mirror introduces an impression of space and magnifies the natural light from the bathroom window.

Suspend your mirror

By no means is hanging a mirror out of the question, but your friends have probably already gone for this move. Take it a step further by suspending your mirror from the ceiling with a secured, visible wire or a thick rope to add an element of interest to your bathroom.