Helpful Tips in Choosing the Right Shower Screen

Glass shower screens are a great choice for any bathroom, but especially for smaller spaces that might look crowded and cluttered with a standard shower curtain. A glass screen is also a good option if you tend to change the look of a bathroom quite often. When you have a glass shower screen installed, you can repaint the bathroom and buy new towels as often as you want without worrying about having to get a new curtain to go along with those new accessories and colours! If you're in the market for a new shower screen, note a few simple tips that will help you find the best option for your home.

Small bathrooms

A frameless shower screen is open and uncluttered, so it's a good choice for very small bathrooms. Clear glass is also recommended for small spaces so the area remains open and light, as dark glass might make a small bathroom seem a bit boxy and even smaller than it is! A glass partition or fixed door that doesn't swing open can also be the best option for a small space so you're not worried about the door swinging into a new towel bar or hook you want to add to an adjoining wall.

Colour of the bathroom

It's good to consider clear glass if your bathroom has dark tiles on the walls or floors; you might assume that tinted or coloured glass will coordinate with that dark tile, but this can make a bathroom seem very cave-like! Frameless glass can also keep the space open and ensure that your dark colours don't absorb all the light in the room and create a space that's not very welcoming.


Shower frames can have a slight texture, they can be etched with a full pattern, or they can be perfectly clear. If your shower area has very busy tile, clear glass is a good choice, so the shower screen and tile don't clash with one another. On the other hand, if your shower area is a plain tub enclosure or the tile is white and bland, a textured shower screen can add some visual interest to the room.

You can also choose a texture or etched pattern just to create a visual centrepiece in the bathroom. A water lily pattern or busy geometric pattern in a shower screen can make the shower area stand out, ensuring your home's bathroom is as attractive as the rest of your house!