Discerning If Windscreen Replacement Is Your Only Option

Your vehicle's windscreen is not merely a way for you to see where you are going. This auto glass is critical for your safety since it keeps your interiors protected from the flying debris on the roads. Moreover, the shatterproof glass also functions to keep you safe in the event of a collision so that you are not injured by flying glass. However, the moment that your windscreen acquires a crack or more, it becomes too compromised to maintain these functions. And if you do not seek the repairs or replacement that is needed, you are putting yourself at risk each time you drive with the jeopardised auto glass. In some cases, windscreen replacement is the only solution due to the severity of the damage. But since this damage may not seem conspicuous, some motorists may be unaware of the enormity of this situation. Read on to learn how to discern if windscreen replacement is your only option.

The location of the crack and the size

The first thing that you should do to check the severity of the damage to your windscreen is where the damage is. For starters, any chips or cracks that have formed at the edge of the windscreen should alert you to the immediate need for replacement. The same goes for cracks that are in your direct line of vision since these can prove distracting when you are driving. You may think that a small crack at your line of sight can easily be remedied, but you should keep in mind that any distortion to the clarity of the glass in that area would make you a hazardous motorist. Moreover, the cracks at the edge of the windscreen progressively weaken the integrity of the entire auto glass too.

The recurrence of cracks or chips

If you do not have cracks or chips at the edge of the auto glass or in your line of vision, you could be assuming that your vehicle is in the clear. However, you also need to establish if the windscreen has acquired recurring damage. While one or a couple of chips on the glass could be fixed and restore the integrity of the auto glass, multiple forms of damage should prompt you to seek windscreen replacement. The more damage that the windscreen has acquired at different points of the glass, the higher the chance that the glass has weakened with each crack. Leaving these undeterred cracks allows them to get progressively worse, and the auto glass could shatter on you while you are driving over bumps or a rough road. If you notice cracks, look for a windscreen replacement shop near you.