Reasons to Install a Frameless Frosted Glass Shower

Typically the biggest element in a bathroom, the shower is a prominent feature. Thus, you need to choose the right materials and configuration carefully. One possibility is a frameless frosted glass model — consider the following reasons to choose this option.

Sense of Spaciousness

Frosted showers create a spacious feeling in a bathroom, giving the impression of more generous proportions. Even though frosty screens are not as transparent as clear glass, they still allow for scattered light flow. A bathroom will thus feel like one integrated space rather than two separate areas. In contrast, shower curtains create a hard block by segmenting the enclosure from the rest of the room.

Less Glare

If you want to create a peaceful oasis in which you can tune out, a frosted shower will help you to achieve this. A frosted shower's misty screens diffuse light to bathe the bathroom in soft illumination. You won't be confronted with glary, shiny glass that interrupts the peaceful mood you've set up. Nor will the screens create any dark shadowy areas.


To relax and unwind in the bathroom, it's important to have privacy when you need it. Frosted frameless shower screens help to provide this. Without producing a closed-in sense, they create a sheltered, private space where you can relax. They create a cosy nook rather than a confined cubicle.

Design Versatility

You can customise the frosting on the panels to match any style of decor. One option is for an even, smooth satin finish for minimalist interior designs. Otherwise, you can pick from ornate filigrees, geometric patterns or other motifs. In keeping with the shower theme, you could install a frosting design that mimics trickling water. The patterns can be ultra-modern, traditional, quirky, or virtually any other style. With a frameless shower, your designs won't be marred by heavy metal edging that ruins the ambience. The enclosure will instead feature minimal supporting brackets and braces.

Shape and Size Options

While many framed showers come in preset sizes and shapes, with a frameless model, you can alter the dimensions and contours to dovetail with your bathroom. You can set up a full or a partial enclosure with one open side. In a small room, you could install a door that swings inwards or one that slides sideways to preserve space. If you have a vast bathroom, you could construct an ultra-spacious enclosure — in which two people can comfortably shower — with a relaxing bench seat to hold your gorgeously scented body washes and shampoos.

To learn more about your options, contact a glass shower screen supplier.