5 Reasons to Make You Install Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

Ceramic, acrylic and glass are the most common types of splashbacks found in kitchens today. However, glass splashbacks are increasingly becoming popular in modern homes. Whether you are building a new kitchen or remodelling your current one, glass splashback installation is an excellent idea. Here are five benefits you need to learn before you embark on your glass splashback installation project. 

1. They Are Luxurious 

Glass splashbacks give your kitchen a classy look at a much fairer price. They increase your home's aesthetic value by providing an elegant appearance. Moreover, glass is naturally appealing, meaning it will create a positive first impression on your guests. You might even skip adding any wall décor to your kitchen since the glass splashbacks will do it all. 

2. They Reflect the Kitchen Light

Kitchens require proper lighting to light up every corner and minimise shadows. Good lighting reduces the risk of accidents and injuries from fires, knives, and spillages. Adding lighting fixtures in your kitchen requires you to set aside an extra budget. However, you don't have to go through all that trouble if you have an upcoming glass splashback installation project. The glass reflects light to the kitchen, making it brighter. 

3. They are Easy to Install and Maintain

A remodelling contractor won't take much time and effort to replace your old splashbacks with glass since the process is simple and easy. Better yet, glass is easy to maintain and clean. Wiping off dust with a clean cloth and towel is enough to get your glass splashbacks sparkling clean. Having glass splashbacks means your apartment or house always stay clean. 

4. They Have a Wide Range of Colours Available

Glass splashbacks come in a wide range of colours. You can select the colours based on your existing themes and styles. That said, you can buy those of nomad, mint, reef, or cascade metallic colours. The good thing is that there are no cleaning or maintenance complications regardless of the colour choice. 

5. They Have Great Heat Resistance

Kitchen walls, floors, and ceilings get exposed to extreme heat. Therefore, having a heat resistant material is a plus. Glass splashbacks offer this immense benefit when installed in the kitchen. Their heat resistance property makes them less prone to damage, cracking and fading. That means a significant saving on repairs and replacement. 

Glass splashback installation is a wise idea when remodelling your kitchen. You can get custom-made splashbacks to suit your design preferences and kitchen requirements.