Helpful Tips in Choosing the Right Shower Screen

Glass shower screens are a great choice for any bathroom, but especially for smaller spaces that might look crowded and cluttered with a standard shower curtain. A glass screen is also a good option if you tend to change the look of a bathroom quite often. When you have a glass shower screen installed, you can repaint the bathroom and buy new towels as often as you want without worrying about having to get a new curtain to go along with those new accessories and colours! Read More 

Statement-Making Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Should Consider Before Your Friends Do!

Bathrooms have a bizarre way of being judged, especially by your friends and the guests you invite into your home. Maybe it's because they get to linger alone in there and contemplate your personal style. If you have a group of friends you are always looking to impress, your bathroom is one of the first rooms you need to look into. And what better spot to start with than the one that gets the most attention – your bathroom mirror! Read More 

Small But Important Details to Consider When Buying a Shower Screen

A shower screen is a good choice for any bathroom, but especially for smaller spaces that may get crowded and cut off by a shower curtain. Shower screens are also good for bathrooms with an awkward layout, as an oddly shaped shower enclosure may not be able to easily accommodate a shower curtain rod. Because shower screens come in a wide variety of glass styles and thicknesses, you might note a few small but important details to consider when buying such a screen, so you know you'll get the right one for your home. Read More 

Glazier: Enhancing Elegance and Home Beauty by Mirror and Glass Creativity

To some people, mirrors are products to fill in the display need while to others mirrors are a piece of home decoration. Regardless of whether you are using the mirror for display or the beauty aspect, you need to make sure that they are rightly placed on the premises. Glaziers help you in the identification the most suitable mirror for your premises and installing them as well. Through mirror customisation, it is possible for you to get the mirror design to fit in your living space. Read More 

Which Type Of Window Glass Should You Choose For Your Sunroom?

If you are looking to construct a sunroom in your home, the primary consideration to have would be what type of glass to use. Some people may gravitate toward annealed glass since this is the most affordable adoption in the market, but you have to bear in mind there are not many advantages it would provide you with. Other than filtering light into your sunroom, your choice of glass should be able to offer you various benefits such as UV resistance, thermal efficiency and more. Read More